Skimmer and Bio reactor in one?

Discussion in 'Anything DIY Related' started by PeterAmos, 18 Nov 2014.

  1. PeterAmos


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    So I was wondering if there is any reason why I cant modify my protein skimmer and convert it to be both a bio pellet reactor and a Skimmer. If I where to add a mesh at the bottom of the cylinder and at the top bellow the mass of collected bubbles, to stop pellets escaping. The bubbles should still go to the top and the pellets should still tumble. Only difference is there is a lot of air in the pellets. Any one got some thoughts or has anyone tried this. Seems like a great idea to conserve space and money. Below is a DIY reactor with the mesh in place, the water in would be the current skimmer inlet but not from the top. I think you get the idea.

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  3. RiaanP

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    Pellets needs to tumble slowly...

    Water movement in the skimmer is far too turbulent to be used as a reactor as well
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