RSS Simultaneous coral spawning at ORA indicates their broodstock is in prime health

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    Coral spawning in aquaria is rare and it’s hard enough to catch. For a recent visit to their coral greenhouses, luck was on ORA’s favor as they happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch a nice mass spawning of their Blue Voodoo Acropora.

    This is not the first time that ORA has witnessed a coral spawning in their coral gardens, but this time is very different. Whereas previously it seemed like a big diversity of their corals were dribbling egg and sperm into the water over a period of month, this time it was one coral strain going off at the same time in different tanks but the same system.

    [​IMG]The Blue Voodoo Acropora is the species that coral spawned all over ORA’s greenhouse

    To experience a mass spawning the Blue Voodoo Acro obviously has to be in prime health in order to have the necessary resources left over to produce gametes in the first place.*Healthy corals come in a range of colors*but when the corals are kept in optimal conditions for a period of time, and they*spawn, you can be darned sure they are in the peak of health.

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    Must be an awesome sight to see coral spawn...
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