protein skimmer diy questions

Discussion in 'Anything DIY Related' started by junior1baby, 16 Jun 2014.

  1. junior1baby


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    16 Jun 2014
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    hi guys. i have some general questions regarding protein skimmer as im pretty new at aquarium care.if i have a 330l tank what size would u make the skimmer?can u use a cannister filter as inline pump for skimmer?and last question can u install the skimmer on the cabinet floor. i am looking at making a sylindrical skimmer with a maintube size of about 20cm and top tube of about 10cm. can u make it an enclosed system and only clean it once a week.
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  3. Andre@ReefAquatics

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    Acrylic is expensive a skimmer is about shape and pump, get u a proper skimmer and leave the dyi to frag plugs
    Dudes made skimmers a long time ago. You will probably get a better skimmer off the shelf today for the same cost effort and performance that u can build yourself.
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  4. irie ivan

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    As much of a cheapskate bergie I am, I am inclined to agree with André.
    You can diy one for a steal, but performance efficiency in terms of resources vs export potential will be a concern to keep in mind.
    If budget is an issue, look for one of the off the shelf cheapies second hand and mod it into a monster.
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