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    Barely less than a week ago we lamented the lack of colored PVC in the American aquarium scene but it seems that Pimped Out Aquariums is already on the ball. POA carries what they call “furniture grade” colored PVC, supposedly intended for building lawn chairs and stuff, but totally suitable for aquarium use.*Pimped Out Aquariums carries the blue and red PVC in stock while yellow, green, orange and purple are also available by special order. The colored PVC is schedule 40 with a glossy finish and no printing on it. Colored PVC from POA is available in diameters from 1/2″ to 2″ but larger sizes are available upon request, but unfortunately there are no colored fittings.

    The fancy colored PVC is going to cost you more than the mass produced white stuff we can get at the home improvement stores, with the blue and red stock colors running around $2.70 per foot of 1″ pipe while special order colors run about 20% more. Pimped Out Aquariums sells their colored PVC in 5ft sections straight to your door, so who’s going to be the first to have rainbow-colored sump plumbing? [Pimped Out Aquariums]
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    @RiaanP ...purple is the closest I can find...:p
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    thought about you when I saw these pipes.
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