[wtd] Pico Corals

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Gerhard DP, 8 Oct 2012.

  1. Gerhard DP

    Gerhard DP

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    15 Jul 2010
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    Hi All

    I seem to be really struggling to get something to put in my little tank.
    Been to quite a few sponsor shops today with no luck.
    Most pieces are to big and will stick out the top of my tank :) plan wasn't for a island style tank so that will ruin the look :)

    So I am looking for pico frags. Literally something like 4 zoa heads etc.

    Here is my wish list if you can assist.

    Zoas (got 6 green ones and 6 orange ring with green skirt ones.)
    Small ricordea/yuma
    Single torch or frogspawn head
    O and to add to this long list some of those purple daisy polyps.

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  3. Gerhard DP

    Gerhard DP Thread Starter

    Posts: 536
    15 Jul 2010
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    Hoemp, hump or was that bump?

    Ok I decided to go the zoa route. Will grow some mushrooms at the top and zoas at the bottom and up the
    sides, a little mushroom tree :)

    So any body who have a few heads to share please let me know.

    Got some of these:
    Bullseye zoa
    Greens zoas
    Oranje zoas
    Orange centre green rim
    Yellow centre green rim
    And some weird brown/purple with little green circle ones.

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