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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Henk Lamberts, 3 Feb 2012.

  1. Henk Lamberts

    Henk Lamberts

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    3 Feb 2012
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    Waverley, Pretoria

    Hi Guys, I've been involved with marines about 3 years now.
    Started off with a small Buyo and later a Buyo 550.
    I've kept my fish and corels happy ( not without the normal beginners errors etc!)
    I just collected my new tank (650L) and now the big job starts to set it up.

    I've learned a lot from friends with tanks and am excited to start this project.
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  3. Tobes

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    30 Nov 2007
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    A Beautiful place!

    Welcome to MASA, glad you joined us. I edited your post cause you are not allowed to advertise items for sale as this is your first post. You have to be a member for 30 days and have more than 20 posts to be able to advertise in the for sale section :)
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