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    Hi Reefers

    We just recieved an amazing shipment of livestock.

    New Stock

    Highlights of the shipment for me:

    Angel Scribbled angel M
    Angel Personifer abgel S
    Butterfly Black & Yellow (Mitratus) S/M = 1 of the MOST Reef safe group of butterfly's
    Butterfly Red line butterfly (semilarvatus) S
    Fish Green spotted filefish (FREEKING AWSOME FISH!!) :thumbup:

    Also part of the new shipment:
    Angel Jumping Bean
    Butterfly Straightback Butterfly L
    Butterfly Moorish Idol L
    Butterfly Pearlscale (madagascariensis) L

    Damsel Blue green damsel
    Damsel Half-half cromis
    Damsel Blackfin chromis
    Fish Velvet Fish
    Fish Green spotted filefish
    Goby lawnmower Blenny
    Goby two striped goby - Helsdingenii M/L
    Goldie Goldie Lyretail Female
    Goldie Evansi Goldie
    Goldie Treadfin Goldie L
    Tang Powder Blue Small
    Tang Powder Blue Medium
    Tang Powder Blue M/L
    Tang Tennenti Small
    Tang Tennenti M/L
    Tang Yellow Doctor Tang Small
    Tang Orange spine Tang XXL
    Tang Unicorn tang s/M
    Tang Lopez Tang m
    Tang Golden Eye Tang m
    Wrasse 4 spot yellow wrasse
    Wrasse Chiseltoooth wrass (P. mollaculanus)
    Wrasse Cleaner wrasse
    Wrasse Cosmets Wrasse
    Wrasse Pastel ring wrass
    Wrasse Lyretail hogfish Small
    Invert Anamon Crab
    Invert Small crabs
    Invert Anemone shrimp
    Invert Mushroomstone med
    Invert Xenia pumping med
    Invert Kenya Tree med
    Invert Mespillia (urchin)

    Stock we still have available:

    AnthiasCommon AnthiasPseudoanthis SpHuchtiPseudanthias huchtiBlue eyed GoldiePseudanthias squamipinnisAngelsKoran Angel (Semi Circle)Pomacanthus SemicirculatusEarspot Angel Pomacanthus ChrysurusCoral Beauty Centropyge bispinosaAfrican Pygmy Angel (Jumping Bean)Centropyge acanthopsWatanabi L (Female)Genicanthus watanabeiBi Color SmallCentropyge bicolorBi Color MediumCentropyge bicolorRusty AngelCentropyge ferrugataYellow swallow tail LGenicanthus melanospilosVelvet AngelCheatodontoplusButterfly'sBannerCopper Band ButterflyChelmon rostratusClownsTrue Percula clown Fish [CB]Amphiprion Percula Tomato Clown [3-4CM]Amphiprion FrenatusMaroon ClownPremnas biaculeatusOrange SkunkAmphiprion sandaracinosClarkiAmphiprion clarkiiAllard's Clown (African Clown)Amphiprion allardiDamselsYELLOW TAIL BLUE DAMSELChrysiptera parasemaRoland DamselChrysiptera rollandi Balck Bar DamselMetallic Yellow BellyReticulated DamselTalbots DamselGold Tail Chromisneopomacentrus azysronDottybackRoyal dottybackRed/Orange dottybackBlue Striped dottybackBlenny'sDot Dash BlennyEcsenaus lineatusBi-Color BlennyEscenius bicolorScooter REDSynchiropus stellatusScooter Synchiropus stellatusSmithis BlennyRed MandarinSynchiropus cf. splendidusCardinalsPajamaApogon Bangai CardinalBroadband CardinalLea's CardinalYellow Striped CardinalBlue eyed longspine LZoramia leptacanthaTangsPowder Blue Tang (medium)acanthurus leucosternonPowder Blue Tang (large)acanthurus leucosternonRegal Tang(Yellow Belly)(Medium)Paracanthurus hepatusRegal Tang(Yellow Belly)(Large)Paracanthurus hepatusChocolate Tang (small)acanthurus pyroferusYellow Eye(kole tang)Ctenochaetus strigosusbristle toothCtenochaetus truncatusPurple Tang MZebrasoma xanthurus Flamingiinaso vlamingiiTriggerBlue Triggerodonus nigerRectangel Triggerrhinecanthus rectangulusRabbit FishRabbit fish xxlSiganus guttatusGolden Rabbit FishSiganus corallinusFoxfaseSiganus vulpinusFishJaw FishYello Candy HogRed Snapper SmallLutjanus sebaeDiadema Grouperpictichromis diademaSea HorseLion fishDendrochirus sp.SharksEelBanded snake EelMyrichthys colubrinusWrasseSix-Lined WrassePseudocheilinus HexataeniaCARPENTER'S WRASSEParacheilinus carpenteriLubbock's Fairy WrasseCirrhilabrus lubbockiYellow WrasseHalichoeres ChrysusGuinea fowl wrasse / DeepseaCleaner wrasselabroides dimidiatusRing WrasseHologymnosus doliatusChekkered board wrasseHalichoeres hortulanusSolar WrasseRadiant WrasseHalichoeres iridisDragon Wrasse (Juvinile)Novaculichthys taeniourusLeopard wrasseMacropharyngodon bipartitusExquisite wrasseScarlet WrasseGoby'sFusi GobyFusigobius spBlue GobyPtereleotris microlepisSpotted GrubfishParapercis Cephalo PunctataLader Glider Valenciennea sexguttaPretty Prawn Goby (Diamond Goby)Valenciennea puellaris Diagonal Bar Prawn GobyAmblyeleotris callopareia Leopard gobyAmblyeleotris diagonalisHarbour gobyAmblyeleotris latifasciataDragon gobyAmblyeleotris maculataLagoon gobyCryptocentrus cyanotaetiaHove gobyScissor tail gobyPtereleotris evidesSmithiMeiacanthus smithiFire GobyNemateleotris magnificaEngineering GobyPholidichthys leucotaeniaSkunk Goby(Tile Goby)Hoplolatilus marcosiPink & blue spottedCryptocentrus leptocephalusWhite GliderSpine Cheek GobyWheelers Prawn GobyInvertscleaner shrimpLysmata amboinensisFire ShrimpLysmata debeliusRed Majestic ShrimpEnoplometopus DebeliusSexy THOR shrimpThor amboinensisTube Anemone(Neon Green)Ceriathus spTube wormsStarfish VarietyLinkiaStarfish VarietyAnemone shrimpPericlimenes holthuisiLybia Boxing CrapAnemone CrabNeopetrolisthes maculosusSandollarCamel shrimpRhynchocinetes durbanensisRed leg HermitAsterea SnailPeppermint ShrimpEmerald CrabsMulti color short spine urchinPyramid Turbo SnailPurple Leg Marble ShrimpVarious ClamsAnemoneSand - purple tiped VIOLETRedbase type - green tippedRed base - GREEN LARGERed base - Pink LARGELong Tenticle Condylactis AnemonePurple Long Ttcl AnemoneRadianthus MaluTube AnemoneMushroomsRicordia Mushrooms (1 head)Ricordia Mushrooms (2 heads)Ricordia Mushrooms (3 heads)Various Color MushroomsElephant Ear MushroomSoft CoralsYellow Green Clove PolypsCornularia sp.Button Polyps Green metallicZoanthus PalythoaSpecial Button PolypsZoanthus PropalythoaPulsing XeniaStar Poplyps Various Leather Corals VariousHard CoralsElegance CoralCatalaphyllia JardineiCauliflower Coralroxasia mirabilisGreen Metalic Moon CoralFavites abditaSpecial Red Moon CoralFavites sppDendroSun CoralsBlack Sun CoralsGonio Pora VariousAustralamusa VariousChalice VariousBrain Corals VariousFlat Rose Brain VariousLob Brain CoralPlate Corals VariousTorch Coral Euphilia spHammer CoralEuphilia spFrog SpawnEuphilia spOctopusEuphilia spAcantastria VariousBubble Corals VariousChristmas Coral VariousGalaxy Coral Various Green Pegoda CoralMontipora Bright ColorMontipora sppAcropora various colorsAcroporaYellow SeriatoporaSeriatopora Hystrix
    So come visit us this weekend! :yeahdude:


    Pet Stop Team
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