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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by scubaninja, 12 Jun 2010.

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    Hi guys, in trying to decide what frag tank size to build, i had to redo plenty calculations to form a picture of what would work and what wasnt, with the costs etc. So i've spent a little bit of time making an Excel Calculator. You can put various tank dimensions in and come out with an almost complete idea of what it will cost you, what volumes certain sizes are, the necessary bracing etc. I have also included a calculator for checking what your total electricity consumption will be monthly. Its relatively simple, it just makes your decisions easier to arrive at when you can see all the information in front of you.

    Please Note : The bracing is assumed to be single layered euro bracing. Some larger tanks might need a centre brace depending on size which this calculator does not take into account. So please use this calculator in conjunction with Hennies Glass thickness Calculator to ensure you have the required levels of safety:thumbup:

    You can find my Calculator Here
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