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    Hey guys.

    Decided to create a thread so long for anyone that wants to follow the progress of my AMW37 project.

    I picked up the tank second hand for R400 which included the tank and all its overflow compartments, skimmer, globes and return pump.
    It also came with the aragonite that was used in the tank but its been out of operation for close on a year so thinking I'll play it safe and get new. I'll also be using dead rock as to avoid unwanted guests.


    I've run vinegar and fresh water through the tank to give it a clean and its just sitting at the moment until I get a new office desk for its new home.


    Tank Modifications / Upgrades

    There's a place on the lid of the tank for what looks like a small fan, but the previous owner cut the grille off for whatever reason and no fan is present. I'll get a new fan to install there. (Should this be an exhaust or intake fan ?).

    Possible skimmer upgrade pending results with the standard one.

    Wavemaker - This is something I want to try and avoid getting as the display area is so small already I don't want to clutter it. I might look at upgrading the return pump to increase flow rate instead. (Any recommendations on a pump that would fit one of these tanks ?)

    Lighting seems to be sufficient for softies/ LPS which is what I'm planning on starting with anyway.


    My plan is to try and automate as much of the process as I can here.
    I'm hoping water changes will be enough to supplement the tank so with that in mind I'm thinking

    ATO fed from 25L RO drum placed beneath the desk.

    Two part dosing pump (for water changes) - One pump connected so that it removes water from the tank into a waste drum OR out the window depending on what I can get away with, and the other pump connected so that it draws water from a salt water drum also situated under the desk. I want to play around with dosing amounts. E.g 1L water change a day will be 7L a week in a 37L aquarium I feel like that should be a good starting point. Obviously syncing up the ATO and the dosers so that they aren't running at the same time.

    I'll also be constructing a hopefully neat looking box to store my RO/ salt water drums under the desk.

    That's it for now, I'll update this thread as things start happening.
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