RSS Multi Light Radion Mounting System (RMS) released by Ecotech Marine

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    The Multi-Light Radion Mounting System is the first end-to-end light mounting solution the hobby has been clamoring for to affix more than one Radion LED light over our aquariums. The Multi-Light RMS is a three part kit that can be fitted for tanks from 20 inches, all the way up to 100 inches long, or a little over eight feet.

    The three part kit of the multi light RMS consists of the sturdy RMS arm, part A, which costs $125 for the pair. The second part of the multi-light RMS is the track, part B, which are available in lengths of 20.5 inches for $40 up to 90.5 inches long fro $129. The track part of the RMS multi light are adjustable with about 10 inches, 25cm of wiggle room so you can make sure the entire setup comes together nice and neatly.

    [​IMG]The final piece of the Multi Light RMS is the slide to which Radion lights are actually mounted and those cost $20 whether you’re wanting to suspend a Radion XR30 or XR15. Together the entire Multi Light RMS kit will set you back about $225 for a dual light, 48″ length which seems like a lot just to hang some lights, but the RMS is not some piddly mounting arm.

    The entire multi light Radion Mounting System has been specifically engineered to be extremely sturdy, and to look good on the aquarium while also hiding all the cabling in the built-in channels of the tracks. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the end-to-end, multi light Radion Mounting System since the single RMS was announced. Ecotech Marine just announced the availability of the multi light RMS so if it isn’t available at your local dealer yet, they should be arriving pretty soon. [Ecotech Marine]
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    Thats R2630 to cover a 1.2m tank. Before import duties and local mark up percentages.

    Max tank width is a 2.5m tank. 100 inch.
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    Does anyone know if these are available in SA yet? or who can get them and at what price....
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