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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Zenith, 17 Jul 2009.

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    Hi all

    I need some input on lighting options.
    I need get MH for my tank (10000k) but with the advances of led tech i am considering going for led. but not the standard that you get from a lfs but rather building the system my self.
    Now. the benifits so far found :

    1. 10000 k Temperature.
    2. Very low or no heat if the unit is properly installed.
    3. 100 lumens per unit.
    4. units is very small.
    5. units have life expectancy of over 50000 hrs with 70% lumens after that.
    6. very low power consumption.
    7. life exp not affected by switching of and on.

    the down side:

    1. might be pricey

    here is a link to the product specs.

    They go for round abour R80 per unit but if you buy in bulk it might go cheaper.

    I have a very similar unit i found before this one and i will be able to run at least 6 of them on a standard 5v cellular charger. ?

    Its Friday :1:

    Have a great weekend
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