Maxspect Gyre vs traditional wavemakers

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by kassimere, 20 Feb 2015.

  1. kassimere


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    9 Sep 2014
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    curious to know your opinion on this. I don't believe the Maxspect product is available in SA yet - probably hit our shores soon. It still comes with a lot of marketing hype (as these things often do). Would like to hear from the experienced guys on this. In my short running; I've always battled with too much flow in one area, with virtually none in the next - eventually ending up with a lot more pumps and corals getting blasted from everywhere. It is also not always to control the flow volume, thus sometimes creating more problems that the one you trying to solve.

    The Gyre generator seems to feature a lot of positives. Just hoping it does not relocate the entire sandbed :thumbup:
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  3. NO3


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    26 Jul 2013
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    Its just alot of hype about nothing!!! they will be ridiculously priced! have a look at most current pumps their flow is so wide its really the same thing? Gyre flow is all a very nice concept but i have yet to see a current in the sea that flows one way only? JMO though
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