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    Hi there Guys

    Would just like to know what are the top 5 test that should be done on a marine Aquarium ?:thumbup:
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    The most important are....
    1) Salinity. This is important because it affects all the other parameters. You will need a consistent means to measure and maintain this parameter. If mixing a salt mix, the salinity you mix to will affect KH, Ca, Mg amongst others.
    2) Temperature. This is also important to test and monitor temperature. Don't rely on the heater setting or chiller setting. Keep a consistent monitor and test temperature.
    3) the next two parameters are important in the initial stages of setting up any tank. They may not be necessary later on in your tank set up. So I recommend, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate combo test kit. You will periodically use the nitrate test.

    4) Phosphate is always a cause of Algae. So a phosphate test kit is important to ensure Phosphate does not get out of hand.

    5) Ph is also important as it gives you an indication into other parameters. However KH is equally as important.

    IMO get yourself a test kit similar to the Tropic Marin professional multi test kit and a means to test your Salinity and you are on your way to successful marine reefing.

    The above is true for the basic to starting advanced type of aquarium. It also depends on the percentage of water changes you do.

    As @viper357 says, once you try and keep SPS corals then Calcium, Magnesium, iodine, Potassium, Silicate, Strontium, iron etc can be important.
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