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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Greg Bridger, 8 Jul 2012.

  1. Greg Bridger

    Greg Bridger

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    Hi guys I need some advice please. I've just got my new tank up and running and want to start adding LR to get he cycle going. I've got another tank that's been running for about a year and a half. The long term plan is to transfere all my livestock and rock to the new tank and use my smaller tank as a hospital/quarantine tank. I added some bio rock to it when I decided to build the new tank so that it would have some coraline on it by now, which it has , so no problems there the problem is the other LR has some mushrooms and leather on it so I need to know if it is ok to add it before my cycle is complete or should I rather wait
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  3. DubKorps


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    24 Jun 2012
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    Sumwer in CT

    not the best idea, but corals does not affect bio-load so they can be added (with a bit of caution) leathers and shrooms are hardt so i doubt they will be harmed, also be sure to have flow for them and also ur temp and ph atleast should be stable @ temp 24-27deg celcius and ph 8.1-8.3
  4. crispin


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    Greg how much bigger is the new tank? If its sizebly larger then i would suggest getting some new LR, place half your old LR (from the first tank) and leave it to cycle a while. After the new LR has cycled (with the help of the bacteria you have in the old LR) then you can move over the LR which has the coral attachments and most of your Live stock without too much of a worry.

    If however you simply add all your old LR, plus some new uncured LR (or bio rock) then you will need to wait out a long period for the biological filtration to catch up, and run the rish of spikes which will cause harm to corals and fish.

    I would also suggest adding any new substrate to the new tank and seeding it with a sizeable portion of the old tanks substrate.
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