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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Muz, 11 Jun 2007.

  1. Muz


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    7 May 2007
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    I am curious as to how you solve this ...

    I have just fitted my MH, nothing huge just one 150W 14k, the LPS in the tank have been used to T5's so naturally I have to get them used to the new light, I have always added LPS to the sides and edges of the tank awaiting the 'one day' when I get SPS so they are on the edges of the MH, I got my 1st SPS frag yesterday so he went smack bang in the middle... so I have the MH set on a timer to only come on for 2 hours a day and will slowly increase to 8 over a few weeks.. great, so now what if I add a new coral which is not used to the light I have.

    I have read that you should suspend layers perspex over the new coral and remove one sheet every 3 days.. any other methods used out there.

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  3. Benanna


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    28 May 2007
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    Port Elizabeth

    Muz, I have heard of the same thing where new SPS are shadowed using screen cloth in multiple layers which are removed daily over a few days.
  4. mango


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    6 May 2007
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    what i do i put the sps on the bottom of tank and slowly move them up every few days
  5. irie ivan

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    6 May 2007
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    One week is not enough to acclimatize corals to increased lighting, especially in the case of LPS, as I think this is what he was referring to, not the sps flame angel! Use a few layers of shade cloth for three weeks, removing one layer per week. I would still be a bit concerned with lps, as they are generally not corals found in high light areas. (they do not produce photoprotective proteins in the manner which sps do) Rather position them in such a manner as to recieve reflected (indirect) light.
    By increasing the on time setting on your timer, as you are planning on doing, is not the right approach either.
    You need to differentiate between intensity and photoperiod. By running your halide at full strength for a few hours a day and inceasing it slowly, you are still blasting your corals with intense light and gradually increasing the photoperiod of the intense light. I.e. only acclimatising them to increased photoperiod of intenseity.
    What you should do is acclimatise them to intensity and increased photoperiod of the intensity.

    (hope it makes sense, want ek sukkel met die groot woorde!
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  6. Mekaeel

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    from my experience with LPS i found them to be happier on the bottom of the tank and at the corners where there the lighing is not all that brains and frogspawn
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