Large Stunning Shipment received.

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    Hi All

    We,ve received a very large shipment of Fish and Inverts @ very competative prices.

    Tangs - Scopas, Two Spot Bristletooth, Clowns, Spot Faces.
    Butterfly - Copperbands, Threadfins, Vagabonds, Chevrons.
    Angels - Bicolours, Black Spot Swallowtails, Pearlscales, Keyholes, Vermiculated.
    Damsels - Allen's, Azure, Three Spots, Blue/Yellow Tailed.
    Dragonets - Occellated, Pscyhedelic.
    Wrasses - Checkerboards, Yellows, Greens, Lubbock's Fairy, Sixlines, Yellow Tailed, Cleaners.
    Gobies - Yellow Coral, Pretty & yellow Prawn, Burgundy Prawn.
    Anthias - Purple Queen.
    Blennies - Bicolour, Striped Fangblenny, Selaris.

    Also - Royal Dottybacks, Fox Faces, Redtailed Filefish, Pyjama Cardinals, Yellow boxfish.

    Inverts - White Bubble Tip Anemonies, Orange Sand sifting Snails, Turbo Snails, Green Algae & White Shortspined Herbivorous Urchins, Cats Eye Snails, Blue striped Leg Hermit Crabs, Blue Starfish, Green Brittle stars, pom-pom Crabs.

    Aquamedic Reef Salt is back in stock. The best reef salt for the price!!! Only R695.00 for 25kg (makes 750lt). We are running a special: Buy two and get them for R630.00ea.

    Should you require any further info, please call 021-9818191.


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