Large Bali Shipment received

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 21 Sep 2013.

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    Hi All

    Yup, we've received a load of fantastic Corals and fish as follows:

    Sun Corals, Orange/Yellow/Green Plates, Green open Brains, Sponges-Yellow, Blue Trumpet, Red/Orange Finger & Spiny Orange, Green Carpet & Green/White Star Polyps, Yellow Barley Polyps, Watermellon Green Mushrooms, Gold Finger Leathers, Golden/Orange Colonial Polyps, Red Cauliflower, Purple Brocolli, Orange Finger & other soft Corals, Purple Sponge Brittle Starfish, Flame Scallops & various Leather & LPS Corals.

    Plus Orange Ocelaris Clowns, Copperband Butterflys (small) & many other acclimatized Fish & Inverts.

    It will be well worth a visit to our store to check all this Live stock out @ very competative prices.


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