Jarduino Aquarium controller v1.2

Discussion in 'Test Kits, Controllers, Reactors and Dosers' started by Marlize01, 3 Jan 2016.

  1. Marlize01


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    Good day

    My Jarduino Aquarium controller v1.2 (screen Itead Studio) is messed up and can't pick up any dates for 2016. The system resets itself and lights keep on going on and off the entire time.

    Is there any one who knows how to update or reset or service this controller??
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  3. colins


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    21 Jan 2011
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    As far as I know the Jarduino 1.2 is just the software and you still need to put together your own Arduino based hardware. Did you build your own or did you buy a unit from someone? I suspect it might be the real time clock that is faulty. People normally use a DS1307 clock in these units. They use a battery to keep the time when switched off so it might be that the battery is old or the DS1307 unit itself could be faulty. The Jarduino software allows you to change the date and time using its touch screen menus - what is the date set to now and what dates can you scroll to using the software? Maybe try setting the date to something in January 2015 (not 2016) and see if it then behaves itself. I have used some of the Jarduino code in my controllers and they are both running fine so I don't think there should be an underlying problem specifically related to 2016.
  4. GoSlowJoe


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    Did you ever come right with the controller?
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