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    Hello Fellow Reefers,

    As always we hope this mail finds you and your tanks well.

    Spring is around the corner with 6 weeks till the public pools open.
    The prospect of warmer weather always encourages a tank spring
    clean and maintenance boost.

    We have recieved two shipments namely Sri Lanka and Kenya this

    We have 25kg Aqua Medic salt in stock at R890.00 per plastic tub.

    We are very excited that the Idol Marine Brand is turning 11 years
    old next month.

    We have a number of specials that will run towards the end of July
    and throughout our Birthday month of August.

    Keep a look out for great deals so we can celebrate together.

    We are always at your disposal for any advice or guidance you may
    need in all aspects of marine fishkeeping.

    Best Salty wishes,
    The Idol Marine Crew.
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    That's great! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for always offering great advice and always being helpful, much appreciated!
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