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Discussion in 'Anemone's' started by xtreme, 14 Jan 2011.

  1. xtreme


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    What is your opinion on the following:

    I have a tank that is 110cmL x 40cmH x 38cmW

    If I divide the tank in 4-5 compartments with back filter system separate on each compartment with skimmer,heater and return pump add seachem purigen,charcoal, phos remover and matrix to keep a anemone in each compartment with no fish just maybe small LR. water level at 30cm and 4 T5 above them.

    Damn my own sentence is confusing me,,:p

    Any way, want to put anemones in each fed healthy and cut them up:whistling:

    Why, I see so many anemones die due to travel, why not oder once and make more and then some one can add 2 anemones in one tank, clone right, sell them for a bit more but then a healthy specimen.

    I know anemones is getting big, but will be cut to smaller size any way. as soon as they healed perfectly and healthy the clones can be sold.

    Each compartment is a tank on its own so no fitting between them right.
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  3. chikaboo


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    2 Jan 2009
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    Newcastle - KZN

    mmmmm could work .... but before you get involved too much financially speak to Scuba as soon as he is back from Zim or send him a PM ..... I was organising him some of the equipment to get a project like this going when it got shelved ..... and for what reason I have no idea but it would have to have been a good reason ....
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  4. Anemone


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    19 Jan 2008
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    USA - Chicago Area

    I'm a bit confused. Are you going to have mixed species? Or are you going to concentrate on one?

    What species are you considering?

    My suggestion is to start with one, the E. quadricolor. See how it goes. Get a good handle on the easier anemones, then move to more difficult species later. Keep in mind what the demand is for anemones in SA. For example, most people don't have an adequate set up for something like the H. magnifica.

    Some of the more difficult species don't propagate as well as others. Some have higher lighting demands. So, select the species carefully. ;)
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  5. Falcon


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    yeah if you splitting all from one then just then one tank plain with sump skimmer etc will do,lotsa people do this with bubble tips successfully.
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