How to make your skimmer FROTH not bubble

Discussion in 'Protein Skimmers, Mechanical Filtration' started by Sammy, 23 Mar 2011.

  1. Sammy


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    Hey guys, thought I'd share this with you.

    After tuning my AFP600 Deltec skimmer for a week, and only seeing fizzy big bubbles, I got fed up, tuned tuned and tuned, thought my aquabee pump was the problem. Cleaned all moving parts in vinigar.

    Well, tonight after mucking around with my display tank, all of a sudden I seen a creamy head on my skimmer, I did notihing ??? this leaves me to believe its not my pump which I initially suspected ?

    After this I experimented ??? dipped my finger into the froth and it disappeared for good ??? Back to the fizzy bubbles, Tweeked and tweeked but nothing ?

    Now, knowing its not the HW, i experimented ???

    Result: Add a small cutting of filter floss in the reaction chamber and wow, the FROTH reappeared ??

    Just my experience, not fact? but let me know ????

    What i've seeing is the head of the froth keeps the skimming in tune ??? So what I've found its this head we need to try to create ???

    If you had my same skimmer problems, try it and let me know ????
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  3. Tony


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    Filter floss does make your skimmer foam like mad but not permanently. I've also found that once the skimmer starts going is to leave it be. Fiddling and removing the skimmer cup lid only stops the foam production especially in lightly stocked tanks. Cleaning the cup every day keeps the skimmer foaming nicely as you remove all the gunge that sticks to the inside of the riser cup

    Kicking up your gravel also gets it producing a thick creamy gunge. Phosphate removers like lanthanum chloride gets a skimmer going ape. Adding potassium permangeanate after kicking up your gravel also makes the skimmer go mad
  4. leslie hempel

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    Gonubie East London

    skimmers step up to the occasion when dirt is present in the water columb and actually can lay semi dormant if no dirt it brought to them by stirring the garvel etc up..

    i have seen this with many makes of skimmer (Red sea berlin, aquamedic TF5000 shorty, OCTX200, and my skimx SM202) hence why variyang flow patterns within the DT are so important.

    the skimmers actually foam very little even though the bubbles are fine and set to a constant level, i see my skimmer Rise to the occasion whenever i add NSW for waterchanges. it will skim for approx 3 days then subside again.
  5. ziyaadb


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    when u put ur hands in the tank the oils on ur hands stop the skimmer from foaming. also the amount of DOC's in the tank will determine the amount of foam and the skimmate, the more i feed the more skimmat i get
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