Hi guys

Discussion in 'New Members' started by ang, 26 Mar 2012.

  1. ang


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    26 Mar 2012
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    East london

    Hi MASA

    My name is Ang an i would lik to thank MASA for letting me post my q an a here.

    I am a great fan of zoas an mushrooms so im gonna get to the piont an say if any of u guys got any nice zoa frags for sale im realy keen .

    Thanx again
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  3. belindamotion

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    24 Jan 2011
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    Pinetown,South Africa(KZN)

    Welcome to MASA..have a look at our For Sale Sections...the Members post Frags on a regular basis...or go thru our Sponsor Threads..they always post pic's and prices when new Shipments come in...or just get the Info of where they are and pop in to some of them that are closest to you...
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