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Discussion in 'Wild on Pets' started by mytank, 4 Oct 2011.

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    I must be one of the most difficult and @n@l customers, but when it comes to being treated well I don't hesitate to give credit where it's due. @wild on pets has been fantastic to me. I went to NYC for the weekend on my way to some business in other parts of the USA, checking my cell I see a twitter message that they have new stock. I phone Sydney (excuse the spelling if I get it wrong!!!) who owns @wild on pets he knew who I was (I do buy a lot from them) explained what they had and gave advise on what to get.

    So I phoned the GF and sent her with a shopping list to @wild on pets. When she got there he was waiting for her and she ended up getting completely the opposite of what I wanted which I totally don't mind :) she did get my mandarin though :) and better corals than I actually chose - the wonders of gfs @wild on pets is honest and often helps me out with the little things which count. Even though I got a million calls from the GF trying to puesuade me to get some stunning SPS (she was sending pics via bbm) Sydney @wild on pets was on the net and in his book making sure I had all the info needed to make the call I needed to make. He understood I was overseas actually on boat and knew that I had no other way to make the call unless I had the info he dug up for me. I even got bbm pic's of the text in the book.

    All I got to do is ask him for anything and BANG it happens.

    To Sydney, Brin and the @wild on pets crew well done guys you have taken on @n@l customer and made him a loyal @wild on pets customer. I would def recommend @wild on pets to anyone in the community and is my first port of call when I need something. I will drive out to them +- 30km one way just to go see what's available and have a reefing chat with the guys.

    Sydney (@wild on pets) still waiting for that iodine test kit though :D
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    +1 :thumbup:
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    Noted! :tt2:
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