Gilleleje Reef - 300 Gallon SPS from Denmark

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    Tank was started July 2011
    140x120x75cm, build-in wall, custom build display tank.
    In total with sump and skimmer plus frag tank about 1800 liter in the system

    Water maintenance:

    Mean midget skimmer(custom build) 220 cm tall, with "old fashion" air stones - 9000 liter of air per hour through it. It contains about 250 liter of water.

    Automatic cleaning and emptying of the top. Fed by Tunze pump, providing 5000 l per hour.

    Lanthanum used weekly, by dosing system 12 ml Seaklear 1 time weekly.
    Semiautomatic weekly water change 100 liter
    R/O for top off water
    Use 2 balling system with aut. Dosing.

    Water parameters:
    No3 <1
    Salinity 1,026
    Temp 26-28
    Ca 420-450
    Kh 8
    Ph 8,1 morning, 8,35 evening
    Mg 1500
    Potassium 400-410
    Never measure Po4, I only look at the tank.....

    Daily dosing:
    10 ml Pohls Xtra
    Sometimes kz zeobac

    6 Maxspect Razor 160W 16 k, mounted on af motor-driven base, so I can lift and lower the system - furthermore it gives easy access to the tank.

    Water movement:
    4 Tunze 6095 in each corner to blow away detritus
    2 6305 for water movement in the open area.

    Mostly Aquaroche and 30 kg of liverock
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