RSS Giganthias serratospinosus is a new anthias from Lombok, Indonesia

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    Giganthias serratospinosus is a brand new species to be described from Lombok, Indonesia by William White and Dharmadi. Giganthias used to be a monotypic genus with only one member, G. immaculatus, that is until now. The range of G. immaculatus spans from Japan to Taiwan, but the new G. serratospinosus is an indo-pacific species, and is the first record for the genus being found in the waters of Indonesia.

    While it may not look like much, it was noted that live specimens sport a orange and pink body with yellow fins and blotches around the eyes and head. The pectoral fins are white which is an unusual contrast to the otherwise orange body. The holotype preserved specimen pictured above do show some of these colors, but we hope to see a live specimen soon. The type specimen for this species was obtained from a fish market where fishermen caught it on a hook line, suggesting that it probably inhabits deeper waters. So we’ll probably not see this being offered for sale in the aquarium trade anytime soon.
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