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    [​IMG]Copyright © Sea Life, Loch Lomond

    The staff at the*Loch Lomond Sea Life aquarium in Scotland is getting a helping hand — or tentacle — when Jock, one of its octopuses on display, began helping clean the aquarium glass. Known to be pretty intelligent creatures, this*Giant Pacific octopus started to grab the inside cloth when staffers would clean the tank’s glass and then took over. Move over RoboSnail, you have living competition!

    [via PFK]

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    Koi are intriguing creatures and can be a beautiful addition to indoor and outdoor ponds but like anything else — there is a limit to how many you should keep. We found this amazing videos of so many koi competing for food they literally are climbing out of the water in the video above, at first to the delight of the young girl but then it becomes a concern when they start swimming on top of each other to get to the food.

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    In the video above, the koi actually turn into a white, gold and orange maelstrom of fins and scales as they go crazy for competition at food. The koi movement is so incredibly surreal, it is hard to believe these are fish in water. The density of koi is so large you could walk across the water until they take a turn to fight for the next bit of food.

    [via Blue World Aquariums]

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    With sweltering heat hitting the East Coast, South and Midwest you’re probably scrambling for ways to keep your aquarium cool. One handy gadget we saw at MACNA a few years back might do the trick in an affordable way. The Zoo Med Aqua Cool is a simple fan that sticks to the aquarium and blows water across the water’s surface. Check it out in the video overview above.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Finally in a scene reminiscent of a horror flick (OK, maybe not that bad), the video above shows a hungry Ophiarachna (sea star) munching down on a mud crab (Actaeodes tomentosus) that we only assume came along as a hitchhiker. It is an interesting video with a shot where you can see the crabs eyes rolling around as the sea star slowly squeezes in for the kill. Sure the star grabbed a pest from the tank but before you cheer too loud…imagine if that was one of your prize fish.

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