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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by leslie hempel, 15 Sep 2013.

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    Guys and girls

    I wanted to just bring this up for the better of everyone..

    Please dont comment on a for sale thread unless you are interested in purchasing an item listed,

    help by other members assisting in a dimention or a rating of a skimmer etc is acceptable but keep comments to a minimum so as not to cloud the thread with chatter.. it becomes a nightmare to sift through all the info to see if the item listed on page one is sold or not..

    please make reasonable offers if an offer is asked for... to sellers listing no price whatsoever, opens you up to ridiculous offers so please put a price wherever possible to eliminate a dispute or insult to to a low offer.. NOTE: i will side with the person making an offer if you want to report a post as ridiculous for the above reason!

    remember your pics before you post the thread.. its only fair that we delete all threads without a pic .. some threads do slip by then we get kakked out from a dizzy height because we missed it (probably because we were out with our kids living our lives!!)

    please remember the for sale forum is an awsome feature to have and participate in... you really do get bargains, and as a seller you get a world of possible buyers...

    dont abuse it! the privelidge of being able to participate can and will be taken away if it is deemed that any member is abusing it...

    If you see an item that is absolute rubbish eg: a cansiter filter being passed off as a carx to a complete newbie... (just an example) please report the post... we are more likley to catch it in time if you do so.. in fact your help will be appreciated..

    we are all here to help one another...we are all here to upgrade and better our equipment and everybody likes a deal..

    lets keep up the standard on the for sale threads..

    please feel free to add any comments you feel are relevant to bettering your purchasing and selling experience.

    please remember we work on a system of trust here, we are in an essence a family.. sell only an item in a condition you would want to recieve it in..

    thank you for reading this if you took the time to do so...
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