RSS Fluval Edge Heater is 25 watts of compact heating for nano aquariums

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    [​IMG]With nano and pico aquariums gaining popularity every day, it’s nice to find accessories that are proportioned for their needs. Finding appropriately sized heaters for 4-6 gallon aquariums can be a real problem. Fortunately, Hagen offers an unbreakable compact 25- watt submersible heater, marketed under the Fluval Edge brand name, that’s perfect for these smaller systems.

    With a very slim profile that is unobtrusive, space-saving, and easy to camouflage, The Fluval Compact is a much-needed product for smaller nano systems. An integrated thermostat set for 78 degrees Farenheit eliminates the need for calibrating, and can heat an aquarium 6 gallons or less 7 degrees over ambient room temperature. Built-in suction cups allow multiple placement options within the aquarium, and Hagen says that the fully-submersible heater is safe for glass and plastic aquariums.
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