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Do Butterflies and Angelfish eat SPS?

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by ziyaadb, 10 November 2009.

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  1. ziyaadb

    ziyaadb Active Member

    Posts: 5,560
    18 July 2007
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    I have heard and read that angels can nip at SPS. Nip at is different from eating the coral up. Do butterflies actually eat SPS up? what happens to the SPS when they are nipped at? do they die? The only fish that i know of that has evolved to Actually eat the actual coral is the parrot fish. and thanks to them eating the corals we get lovely arognite. IS nipping really so bad for sps that they die from it? I have read that they eat the slime thats produced and at times the coral actually colours up better.

    Your experiences?
  2. Prodigy

    Prodigy Active Member

    Posts: 1,107
    4 May 2009
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    Slums Baby!!!

    Bi colour angel nipped at my sps corals the only thing that happened was the polyps closed and u never saw them, but they still grew and colour was normal although they didnt grow as fast...
  3. chikaboo

    chikaboo Active Member

    Posts: 4,956
    2 January 2009
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    Newcastle - KZN

    Well I'm sitting with most of Scuba's angels coz they were being naughty and my 2 Marlia butterflies were swopped with a friend in Phoenix coz they were filling their gullets with coral from his 2M tank;)
  4. lanzo

    lanzo Sponsor

    Posts: 9,396
    10 September 2007
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    i have an indian ...angel...forgot the name( will post it tomorrow) in a stock tank.

    She came out of a Hammer coral tank.( the tank is fully stocked with hammers...sock an block), so i placed her in a stock tasnk with diff corals in...some sps...some favia's and a couple of torches and hammers. She ate all the pocillapora's over night...and irritated the favia's over 2 days that some also started dieng, but the one acro that was in there she left alone( i moved her to a her own tank after that)

    ziyaad i think it depends all about the sertain sp. of angel(the larger angels) like the emperor....a gental giant that only loves zoa's out of my experiance(but only as they grow up), Regal angels will make mins out of xenia...same for the majestic angel.....but i have never noticed that the went for any sps.(in any of my clients setups)

    The queen i have seen bite a chunk out of a montipora...aswell as a millapora

    thats my 2c on angels;)
  5. Mekaeel

    Mekaeel Moderator MASA Contributor

    Posts: 24,229
    8 May 2007
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    Point Waterfront Durban

    Ok, here's my experience with SPS and Angels. My Emperor and French take the odd nip on the coral. From what I have noticed, especially on the tips where the fish has nipped, the corals starts taking a new formation. In other words, that single tip will become multiple. I have never had a case where the Angel's wiped out an entire colony.
  6. durleo

    durleo Active Member

    Posts: 1,370
    27 July 2009
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    Hi Guys

    I have 2 bi-colour angels and they dont seem to bother my frogspawn-bubble-zoas-sinularia-hammer-fox or mushrooms - but then i saw this cool red brain and the minute i added it they went Candy Crazy :) I thought it was jus a phase so i left it over night -
    The next morning the poor brain was fully retracted and i thought it was dead .
    I put it in my sump for a day and it recovered like nothing had even happened -
    So i sadly returned it to the LFS and wont be putting any in my tank soon:(
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