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    Our first look at the carbon fiber LED light by Tokio was love at first sight and intense curiosity at how the heat management needs of the LEDs were paired up with the exquisite appearance of the carbon fiber. Falling squarely in the realm of if you have to ask, you can’t afford it, the shape of the Tokio LED light is reminiscent of nerve cells reaching out for their closest synapse.

    [​IMG]The Tokio LED lamp comes in a 4, 6 and 12 watt version with each of the individual white LEDs riding a secondary lens for spotlight effect.*It appears that the Tokio carbon fiber lamp uses individual one watt LEDs which are encased in a modicum of aluminum heatsinking with venting between the carbon fiber and the metal to allow for airflow. Of course we are not advocating the use of this carbon fiber masterpiece anywhere near a saltwater or reef aquarium, but it wouldn’t bother us any if an aquarium company wanted to borrow some design cues from the biologically inspired high tech LED light.

    [Mocoloco via Gizmodo]

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