Brownish Algae

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    Hey guys, have a funny brownish algae show up on my rear and left pane. (the ones that don't get cleaned) there was a good coraline growth and now this.

    Nitrates, Nitrites 0
    Ammonia 0.01
    Ph 8.2
    Kh 11

    I don't currently have a po4 kit cause nobody seems to have the Tetra M kits.

    I dose Vodca, Vit C, and Koral Color (but the algae started before the KC). Calcium reactor and carbon reactor are fine.

    Cut down on my lighting for a week.

    Also cut down my feed quite a bit. Fish and Corals. Frozen food is always defrosted and rinsed.

    No new additions.

    Only issue I have is battling to get my SG up. It is at 1.022



    Hope this post is ok. Posting from iPhone.
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