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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Fred d, 15 Feb 2013.

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  1. Fred d

    Fred d

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    10 Aug 2012
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    cape town

    Hi guys and girls

    Its with sadness that I offer my maroon clown up for adoption to a good home M FOR FREE . He is in perfect health and eats a fariety of foods but he just doesn't fit into my plans for the tank anymore .

    Remember , he is fully grown and probably will not get on to well with other clowns in the same space .

    Thanks guys


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  3. belindamotion

    belindamotion Google Master

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    24 Jan 2011
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    Pinetown,South Africa(KZN)

    You should place it the "For Sale/Swop"
    ...guys/gals looking for LS will first look they "want" something and hopefully bid on it first....then they likely do the other Sections on MASA...;)
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