Urgent help needed Banggai die

Discussion in 'Urgent Help Needed' started by Hypnotic Chris, 10 Apr 2011.

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    Hi all. :banghead::dft004:

    Please help me here. I am so sad and so angry. I have lost 3 Banggai Cardinals already this year and the 4th one is also on his way as I type this letter. This is so not funny anymore. To banggais in +- 1 week.

    All that I can say is that they don't eat. All the other fish is 100%. I see this 1 that is busy die 1 eye also become red. Ag please help me here. I don't want to loose this 1 also.

    Feeding background.
    When I bough them 1 lasted 2 days. This other one 1week. I tried flakes, pellets, frozen and live shrimps. the one that is busy going did start to take a few shrimps but last night when i came home he was not lekker. I took him from the main tank and put him into the sumb. This morning he is just laying on the floor and breath heavy. I rush to buy more shrimps put it in but he doesn't even go for it.

    What now?

    Thanks Chris
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  3. Nemos Janitor

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  4. FransSny


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    Wild caught Bengai have feeding issues, you will need to get it feeding on brine shrimp (I am not sure what shrimp you are buying) and gut load them (feed them before feeding your fish) and then slowly ween them to flakes / frozen whatever.

    Good luck
  5. LuckyFish

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    Wild caught Banggai's usually take defrosted mysis shrimp. Mysis are best to start feeding dead diet.
    Wild caught Banggai's usually die after a couple of weeks for no visible reason. The usually get caught with Cyanide.
    Always avoid wild caught Banggai's. Many pet shops get CB from Bali. And they should take almost any food.
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