Anyone in Capetown Durbanville willing to check legit or not

Discussion in 'The Sump' started by chikaboo, 18 Oct 2009.

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    Hi guys as your'll know in my other thread I've been battling to get a vehicle for my parents and they like the E 270 CDI - I found a dealer in Durbanville that is selling a E class at a good price but coz the ad is in Gumtree some are fraudulant ads there, so is there anyone in the area that is willing to check if this ad is legit or not? If everything is in order I can take a flight down or something to that effect - just to make sure there is such a vehicle in the first place will be appreciated instead of me travelling 1600 kms for nothing - spoke to chap on the phone but seeing is believing! His name is Anton and apparently mainly deals with Mercs - Anyone here know him or willing to check it out for me please?
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