Any sugestions for a new setup

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by nico, 3 Feb 2008.

  1. nico


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    31 Dec 2007
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    Hi All, as you were asking some pics of my tank.... any sugestions will be welcome, this tank has been running for 3 months now with that one fish, starting to get some brown alge is this normal?:p


    My Tank maturing friend " colbie"


    Filtration System

    Dont have a clue what this is"? spot it on one of my rocks in the tank.
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  3. jacquesb

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    Hi Nick - If you don't mind me giving constructive critisism.... The rocks are going to end up "gathering" detritus, and causing a LOT of hair-algae, due to the detritus "breaking up" and releasing nitrates and phosphates (and other chemical compounds as well).... Otherwise, your tank has a LOT of potential.... I would rather want to suggest getting live rock (kenya, fiji, malaysian, etc) or at least "bio-rock" or similar man-made rock....

    You have the right thinking with your sump - skimmer's cool....etc... do you have a DSB in the tank or sump? I cannot make it out....
  4. Kanga

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    In the Koeberg blast radius

    OK Nico

    The FW plastic plants need to come out :wave2:

    I would paint the background a nice blue.

    I assume the water runs through that course crushed coral, read here same goes for the BioBalls DSB vs Bio Balls - Marine Aquariums of South Africa - wiki

    That skimmer is it normally that empty?

    OK having said that, with a bit of work and a few changes it could be a nice little system:thumbup:
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