RSS AlgaGen MacroAlgae Plugs might usher new era of saltwater planted tanks

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    We’ve seen some slivers of info about AlgaGen’s MacroAlgae here and there over the last year but seeing them in person totally caught us off guard. The small flat plugs are populated by attractive, neigh gorgeous species of red MacroAlgae including Gracilaria mammillaris, Halymenia, Red Bush and the really cool green Tufted Jointweed. Since AlgaGen’s MacroAlgae plugs will retail for only $15 a piece, these medium sized plugs will be a quick, easy and cheap way to add some movement and color to any marine or reef aquarium. Better yet, having this many beautiful rhodophytes in such a convenient and easily shopped package could really give a boost to saltwater planted tanks – let’s hope for it!
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    Very novel idea..:thumbup:
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