Algae Problem

Discussion in 'Nuisance Algae' started by Geofish, 29 Sep 2011.

  1. Geofish


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    10 Aug 2011
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    I need some help please
    I am having big problem with algae growth in my tank. The algae even growing on the inside of the canopy and inside the pipes of the canister filter. I have asked some advice at my local petshop. The guy there said one solution could be to fit a uv light inside the canopy .Will this work to eliminate the algae problem?
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  3. RiaanP

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    It will not
    UV takes care of bacteria.

    first, pictures do say a 1000 words.

    What substrate do you have.
    What filtration do you use. Only a canister filter?

    Water changes weekly. do you do it?

    How old is the globes you have?

    Bioload, meaning how many fish do you have? And feeding, how much, any frozen foods?

    How old is the system. If older than 6 months, then most likely you got a phosphate build up that eventually saturated inside the substrate, canister filter and live rock. And that is the food source for the algae

    Canister filtration can work. But end of the day they are not the best solution. They were replaced by DSB's and DSB's are now likely going to be replaced by NP-reactors.
  4. Sentari


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    I would personally stay away from the UV Light. It kills bad and good bacteria.P

    Please post your parameters. NO2, NO3 and Phosphates

    Rather find the source of the problem.

    Here's a few tips

    -Regular water changes
    -Siphon the sand when doing water changes
    -Reduce your lighting period.
    -When doing a water change siphon the algae off.
    -If phosphates are high get yourself a phosphate reactor.
    -Replace Carbon if you using. If you not start using. It helps.

    Give us more details about your tank.
  5. Alan

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    Algae is caused by an excess of nutrient in the water, the main causes are excess of nitrate and phosphate. If you only use a canaster filter it is more than likely that you have high levels of these nutrients even with regular water changes. You are going to have to provide us with as much info as possible to help us help you. We need info on your filtration as well as nitrate and phosphate readings otherwise it becomes guess work on our part and can be very confusing for you.
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