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Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by Moolis Moolman, 2 May 2014.

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    Hi all

    The combination of E TOLL cost & requests for shipping out livestock via airfreight is escalating to the point where I need to consolidate it all.

    This thread is for all MASA members to confirm when I can send livestock to them and to ensure that you can combine your orders. Thus saving everyone money ;)

    The following info is available:
    The week of 5 to 9 May We are sending Tuesday or Thursday depending on stock arrival.

    The 1st booked shipment is to EL - to Kunhardt + 2 friends = if you want to take part contact him first to ensure there is space in the box and agree to your share of the boxes freight cost, as he will pay the shipping cost.
    Then me @ and you will have to pre-pay the stock price to me.
    Thanks Kunhardt for initiating this.:yeahdude:
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