aandtsociety reef species trip(us again)

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by pkc, 20 Jan 2009.

  1. pkc


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    This was our weekend set of two trips to the south port seaway.
    The king tides have certainly flushed out all the plastic bags that the pathetic moronic idiots had stupidly placed in the gaps in the rock wall.
    The stupidity of this action is embarrassing as these idiots are apart of our human society and they are to dumb to realise that when the tied comes in it will was away there hidden rubbish.
    Than the poor dumb turtles, as such (they have an excuse, they are primitive animals) eat them and block up inside and suffer a potentially, very drawn out ugly death.
    On the first day I had filled two of my catch containers and one wetsuit pocket with these bags as I went along, there were hundreds and hundreds of them in the water.
    I feel for these poor creatures that suffer at the hands of these totally useless members of society.
    Any way after helping the turtles, etc, here are some pictures of some of the goodies we got for some of the guys and girls aquariums in the club.
    Firstly we got a nice coral beauty, a convict tang, a nice yellow/gold 10 inch moray, a couple of brown clowns and few banner fish.

    Danny is going to do a schooling situation in his tank, the banners a one of the few that won’t cull there numbers in an aquarium to suit the aquarium size.
    We also found a great example of a painted Cray that had just recently shed its shell; it went back in the rocks as it was too small, pretty though!

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  3. Mike

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    the Motherland

    Horrible to read about the turtles, i'm glad there are folk like you and your friends that care enough to do something to help.
  4. ziyaadb


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    Damn idiots who litter. Awesome fish BTW
  5. jacquesb

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    Cape Town

    WOW! Nice catches PKC! I get upset when I read stuff like this (about the turtles). I love nature just TOO much!
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