Hands on with the Jebao RW15 review

  • Ok so I had a few minutes gap and decided to put my thoughts of this pump down to text for all to get a better understanding of what they are buying. As you may have noticed I love buying and testing equipment, it’s always like Christmas when a new box of goodies arrives at my house!


    The construction
    The Jeboa RW range is almost a copy of Vortech in its construction but an internal version with a magnet attaching it to the glass which is reminiscent of Tunze and most other pumps these days The Jebao WP range were most definitely more Tunzeish in appearance but with a controller per pump ..
    The appearance if the unit is very much more a shiny plastic than what Im use to and looks a little cheap to the eye at first glance, the impellor is also plastic, but after all that’s what we wanted right… cheap controllability and large volume mobility?

    Operating noise.
    Well with all my other pumps off and only the RW15 in action it’s pretty silent, more so than its Vortech counterpart which is a big plus! Not too sure how durable the parts will be longterm but so far this pump is doing what it was purchased for. Moving a lot of water. And impressively so!
    I didn’t know this and haven’t tried it yet but the pump can communicate wirelessly with others in the RW range. I will definitely have to get the next one out soon and start customizing settings
    Im eager to play with settings to alternate flows and fine tune to eradicate dead spots where settlement could occur, although I doubt there could be any once 2 of these are working together!

    Draw backs
    I don’t really see many, the price is right, the magnet holds through 15mm glass (haven’t tested on thicker) the pump is quiet what more could we ask for???
    One small problem is the position where the cable enters the pump, it stops you from being able to position the pump lower and face the outlet to the surface unless you twist the pump and get more cable in the tank. It’s really minor but worth a mention.

    First impression within 20 minutes of operation.
    1. It looks very plastic,
    2. Will that little impellor push what its promising,
    3. The controller is so light is there anything in this box?
    4. Ok the magnets are properly stuck remember to twist them to separate (watch out for fingers)
    5. Look it holds on 15mm glass
    6. Man it pumps ALOT of water for its size!
    7. Love the controllability and the adjustment of flow speed! REALLY NEAT!

    Sizing to tanks




    Helpful Videos

    Would I buy another one?
    Im already considering either another 2 x RW15 or 2 x RW20’s when they come out to put in my large tank im busy constructing (1.800 x 1.000 x .700)

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