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Aqua-Medic OceanProp 15000lph review

  • Aqua-Medic OceanProp 15000lph review
    Ok so i just recieved 2 oceanprop 15000lph pumps to play with and all i can say is WOW!!!
    They are super powerful and exceptionally silent for the size, the suction cup mounting bracket attaches nicley and the pump is well balanced.
    pre-programmed wave functions from a straight 5000 and 15000lph consistent flow to swapping from the 5000-15000lph on various wave sequences it also sports a night time mode where it shuts the pumps flow down to its lowest flow rate (5000lph) which is controlled by a light on the controller box sensor that reacts when to your tank lights go out.
    Silent/powerful/9-20w power consumption and controllable
    Large and takes up space but not as noticable be noticable in a bigger tank.
    For smaller tanks i would be recomend they be concealed in an Overflow Closed Loop System (OCLS), i got these two to try and achieve this and will update on the outcome.
    Other components:
    In general:
    My corals and fish loved it. The .65mm outlet really allows wide and gentle flow even on the highest flow setting.

    Definatley worth the cash
    RRP R2500

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