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Rules and Announcements
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Rules and Regulations
*** Please Read ***
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Important Announcements to read.
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41 1,658
by Hails
14-05-2015 Go to last post
94 2,560

Ask The Experts
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Reefing with Sara (sihaya)
Honoured guest Sara Mavinkurve is a well known international advisor on and creator of It is our pleasure to have her here to assist you with your reefkeeping questions. If you need some beginner or specialist advice, pop in and ask Sara a question.
by dallasg
20-03-2015 Go to last post
90 1,966
Hennie's Corner
Hennie Landman (Reef Maniac) has a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of the Reefkeeping hobby from DIY to chemical additives. He has written many articles about the hobby, some of which are used on Reef Central. So if you need some beginners or specialised local advice, Hennie is here to help.
168 2,666
Specialist Anemone advice
Brenda (Anemone) is here to help with all and any anemone related questions or advice you may need. She is a member of the crew of advisors and we are honoured and pleased to have her on our board offering her time and advice to our members. Have you got an anemone? Do you want an anemone? Need advice before or after buying? Here's the place to ask.
162 2,861
Advanced Topics
Forum for more advanced and in-depth discussion with less chit chat. This section will be heavily moderated in order to maintain the flow of the discussion and to avoid any off topic posts or thread derailing. Enjoy.
Advanced Topic: Montipora placed vertically
5 Days Ago Go to last post
14 183

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New Members
New to the forum? This is the place to start, pop in and say Hi to the crew and receive a warm MASA welcome.
by Bodega
9 Hours Ago Go to last post
2,976 61,373
Beginner Discussions
Discussions about beginning this hobby and how to setup a marine tank.
2,301 38,857
Articles and Reviews
A one stop resource for information in the form of articles and equipment reviews written by hobbyists.
35 825
General Discussions
General discussion forum about reefkeeping and marine tanks.
5,581 87,469
Urgent Help Needed
Start a thread here if you are in need of urgent help that needs urgent attention in order to prevent the deaths of any livestock. Please do not use this forum for random problems such as "I've got algae".
Urgent help needed: Sea Apple
2 Days Ago Go to last post
822 13,933
Detailed help requests
Fill out a form with as much info as you can about your tank/problem to enable the members to offer as much advice and help as they can.
56 742
Power cuts
How to deal with the continued power cuts in South Africa (possibly to continue until 2014)and possible solutions to ensure our tanks survive the many hours of no power.
165 3,345
Reef Hunters
Finding those hidden Gems
153 2,908
Environmental Discussions
233 3,208
246 4,488
Diving and Collecting
Scuba and snorkelling, specimen collecting, photography, outings, trips, shark dives and anything else photographed or videoed from under the waves.
199 6,103
Local Reefing Clubs
Find a local club in your area, join in to meet the members, see other tanks, exchange idea's and most of all, have fun.
304 15,131

ID Database
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ID Needed
Post a photo here and get the crew to help you put a name to the 'creature'.
1 Week Ago Go to last post
1,541 17,653
ID Index
Photo's, general information and advice on just about every living thing that we encounter in our marine aquarium hobby.
- - -

Featured Tanks
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Featured Tanks - TOTM
A listing of tanks that have been selected as our "Featured System's". Otherwise normally known as TOTM (Tank Of The Month).
39 2,049

Member Systems
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Members Systems and Setups
Threads about members and their reef tanks, or fish tanks.
by TaahirS
22 Minutes Ago Go to last post
1,425 136,004

Marine Tank Discussions
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Reef Tank advice
Talk about keeping corals and fish in a reef tank.
by Hingis
2 Days Ago Go to last post
347 9,553
Water Parameters and Additives
Keeping your tanks Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, Salinity, Phosphate, Nitrites, Nitrates, Ammonia etc. in check and at suitable levels. How and what to add to your tank to keep it healthy and stable. Supplements such as Iodine, Strontium, Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Buffer and so on.
31-05-2015 Go to last post
743 14,106
Foods and Feeding
Discuss what foods to feed and how to feed your fish and corals.
121 1,689
Fish Only Tanks
Tanks with Fish Only (FO) or Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR).
94 2,039
Predator Tanks
Lionfish, triggers, groupers, eels and all the other nasty but nice fish that are the tigers and leopards of the marine world.
by RiaanP
13-04-2015 Go to last post
24 519
Nano Tank advice
Advice for the ever popular smaller fish tank keepers. A nano tank is generally smaller than 130 litres.
4 Days Ago Go to last post
256 7,713
Boyu TL450 and TL550 advice
Sub-Forum dedicated to the ever popular range of Boyu TL450 and TL550 nano tanks.
171 3,254
RSM Red Sea Max tanks
Topics dedicated to the popular RSM series of tanks, such as the RSM 130d, RSM 250, RSM S650.
48 2,275
Forum for idea's on how to do your aquascaping, feel free to post examples of tanks you have seen elsewhere on the net.
69 1,000

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Biological/Natural Filtration
Live Rock, Sumps, Refugiums, Caulerpa and Chaetomorpha.
437 7,367
Mechanical Filtration
Protein Skimmers, Filter floss, UV Sterilisers, Ozone reactors etc.
191 3,117
Chemical Filtration
Includes filtration such as Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Purigen, Phosphate remover, pellets etc.
156 5,150
Deep Sand Beds - DSB's
Discuss how to successfully install and maintain a deep sand bed in your aquarium. DSB (Deep Sand Bed), DLSB (Deep Live Sand Bed), RDSB (Remote Deep Sand Bed).
142 2,598
Low Nutrient Systems - LNS / ULNS
For those that concentrate on Low Nutrient Systems (LNS) and/or ULNS (Ultra Low Nutrient Systems), a common usage in this type of system is the Zeovit filtration methods.
by zippy
2 Days Ago Go to last post
51 1,698
Nuisance Algae
A forum dedicated to eradicating this pest. Cyanobacteria, red slime algae, hair algae, bubble algae, valonia, diatoms etc.
by Hingis
3 Weeks Ago Go to last post
223 4,999

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MASA Scanner
Scanning the net for new, cool and fancy gadgets and gizmo's for our tanks.
39 641
Protein Skimmers
Making dirty bubbles. Tunze, Reeftek, Reef Octopus, Aquamedic, Deltec, Bubble King, Bubble Master etc.
452 9,624
Pumps and Waterflow
Simulating the Ocean. SEIO pumps, Tunze streams, wavemakers, Vortech's, get the flow going.
439 7,094
Metal Halide, T5 fluorescents, LED's, moonlights. Light up their life.
2 Days Ago Go to last post
899 15,266
Measuring Equipment
Controllers. Measure and control ph, calcium, alkalinity, phosphate, magnesium, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and more.
147 2,211
All Other Hardware
Calcium reactors, kalkwasser reactors and drips, ozone, UV, the list goes on...
416 6,907

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Anything DIY Related
Build your own topup unit, drip kalkwasser with a coke bottle, build hoods and customize lighting, DIY is a reefers dream, well for some of us.
by Duri
3 Days Ago Go to last post
1,037 18,831

Fish and things
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Something not many of us do, but something that certainly needs to be done to all new fish additions. There are a few horror stories around of complete tank wipeouts from failing to Quarantine new fish. It is also a good idea to QT corals for inspection of unwanted hitch-hikers.
26 535
Discuss anything and everything about your favourite fish or ask what fish are suitable for your aquarium.
1,129 18,670
Sick Fish
Forum for help to identify fish diseases, sick fish and injuries to your fish and how to treat them with methods such as medications, quarantine, hyposaline treatment and other methods.
153 2,624
Anemone's, Clams, Shrimps, Starfish, Hermit Crabs, Urchins, Snails etc.
557 7,476
How to successfully care for the various different types of anemone's such as, Entacmaea quadricolor (bubble tip anemone), Macrodactyla doreensis (long tentacle anemone), Hetereactis crispa / magnifica / ritteri, carpet anemone, tube anemone and many others. LIGHTING is a VITAL factor in keeping many of these species alive, as well as a mature system.
180 3,142
Other Livestock
Seahorses, bristle worms, nudibranchs, fan worms, tube worms etc.
2 Days Ago Go to last post
139 2,414
Breeding fish
Without a doubt, one of the most difficult aspects of the hobby is trying to breed fish, only a couple of species have been successfully bred in captivity.
110 2,866

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General Coral Care
Discuss the many varied aspects of how to feed, grow, light and place your corals.
144 2,000
Soft Corals
Leathers, sinularia, ricordea, mushrooms, zoanthids, pin cushions, colt corals, kenya trees etc.
348 5,822
LPS Corals
Large Polyp Stony corals. Euphyllia, Hammers, Torch, Frogspawn, Brains, Bubble corals, Favia etc.
214 2,838
SPS Corals
Small Polyp Stony corals (Hard Coral). Acropora, millepora, stylopora, pocillopora, montipora etc.
187 3,846
Fragging Corals
Slice and dice those corals, make frags and sell them to your buddies or join in frag swops.
by Martinf
30-10-2014 Go to last post
125 3,336

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Photo and Video Gallery
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437 10,586

Sponsors Forums
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Sponsor Specials
Latest specials from the Sponsors
93 973
Sponsor Info
New sponsor information and other general info.
3 45
► Sponsor Request Forum
Forum for requesting equipment/livestock from sponsors. All sponsors will receive an email whenever a thread is started in this forum.
817 6,396
Dorry Pets

by MerlinT
3 Weeks Ago Go to last post
385 5,809
Tunze SA

130 1,684
Pet Stop SA

386 4,867
Idol Marine

277 2,858
The Waterboy

96 1,741
Nemo's Installations

- - -
Wild on Pets

73 625
Jungle Aquatics

761 2,570
Perky Pets Superstore

158 3,834

125 3,319
Vertex Aquaristik

10 36
Urban Marines

24 686
Aquatic Vision

138 501
Aquarium Depot

121 478
Reef Aquatics

129 3,554
Yuppie Pets

32 247
Pet Habitat

19 188
Den Braven

- - -
Second Wave Dynamics

by RiaanP
5 Days Ago Go to last post
11 145

For Sale and Wanted Forums
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All For Sale Forums
Click here to go to the For Sale, Swop, Wanted forums.
10,490 124,903

Forum Help and Info
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Forum Usage
All the info you need to help you use the forum.
31 341
Fresh Water Tanks Discussion
70 712
RSS Feeds
A forum that automatically pulls interesting RSS feeds from other websites around the world.
4,427 6,788

Off Topic
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General Off Topic chats
Anything goes. Discussions about sport, cell phones, pc's, braais and everything else under the sun.
2,349 40,637

Aquarium Expo
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Aquarium Expo Information
South Africa's only Aquarium Expo, brought to you by MASA and TASA.
13-12-2014 Go to last post
49 1,865

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Marine Aquariums South Africa Statistics
Marine Aquariums South Africa Statistics
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